Birth of “Venice of America”

Birth of “ Venice of America” (1890-1906)

In the 1890’s, one man’s dream of a renaissance resort and amusement park transformed a deteriorating marshland west of Los Angeles, California, into the “Coney Island of the Pacific”. Despite disbelief and opposition, the dreams of Abbot Kinney materialized in grand style.

1891 – Kinney and Ryan purchase land and sell lots at Ocean Park.
1905 – Kinney constructs Venice of America, canals and piers.
1911 – Fraser builds “Million Dollar” amusement pier in Ocean Park.
1920 – Abbot Kinney dies; Abbot Kinney amusement pier burns.
1924 – Ocean Park pier complex burns.
1925 – Los Angeles annexes Venice.
1930 – Oil discovered in Venice.
1946 – Venice amusement Pier closed.
1958 – Pacific Ocean Park opens after old Ocean Park remodled.
1964 – Los Angeles tears down 550 buildings in historic Venice.
1967 – Pacific Ocean Park goes bankrupt.
1977 – Venice regains popularity as “Roller Skating Capital of the World.”

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